Benjamin Brocklehurst


Age – 18
Occupation – None
Date of Birth – 31st May, 1997
Looking for work – Yes
Location – United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Benjamin Brocklehurst, also known as Ben by my acquaintances, I am 18 and live in the southwest of the United Kingdom in Somerset.

For the past 6 years I have managed to get myself into the world of digital graphics and illustration, while I have lacked a tablet or decent computer for most of this time period. I have quite recently acquired both and have become quite skilled with both pieces of equipment. Eventually I hope to go into freelance design for a number of clients, but that will have to wait unfortunately due to both my age and slight inexperience. Still, this portfolio will show you some of my most recent and best projects that I am most proud of.

Currently I am working on improving my skills within several fields, including conceptual art for monsters, 3D sculpting for creatures and characters and attempting to improve my skills at drawing in the anime and manga stylization.

If anyone has any questions regarding my work or whether I am available to work for them then please contact me using the details provided on the right or contact me via skype -
Skype name – benjamin_r_b


BTEC Level 3 Computer Games Development

Somerset College of Arts & Technology, Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

BTEC Level 3 Graphic Design

Somerset College of Arts & Technology, Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom